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John recording with DJ Martin Lowes

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Mindfulness and Resilience in the Workplace - BusinessWorks
Talking about stress with Martin Lowes on BFBS1 - broadcast across the Forces World in 2011
MP3 coming soon.

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Conference Presentation on Mindfulness:

The main links for the BFBS videos (below) have been removed due to a re-organisation of the parent website at BFBS. We hope to restore some more of the videos soon. We have left the titles to show the series as a whole. Some examples are below.

The 'Happy Days' Web Series for BFBS
1. What is Stress? 
2. Why anyone can be mentally fit 
3. Dual Control Brain
4. Biomind 
5. Relationships 

Video 3: Dual Control Brain

Video :Relaxation technique 3 - activating the right-hand side of the brain.


1. Beast Your Mind - interview with Gini Carlin on BFBS Radio 1 

2. Coping with stress  MP3
3. 6 Easy Mental Fitness tips