Mental Fitness - What and Why?

Mental Fitness Training
Regular Mental Fitness builds Resilience
Most of us spend our time focusing on physical fitness, physical health, the problems in our bodies, illness, diet, food and sex. We hardly ever give much focus to our mental health - until something goes wrong! Then we complain. Sometimes we cant handle it. Sometimes we break down. If only we could use small ways to improve our mental fitness on a daily basis - just like going to the gym - then we would probably never have so many worries again!

This is why this blog has been created. It will includes a range of advice and guidance on building and maintaining your mental fitness, coping with past stresses and preventing future damage from stressful events.
By doing these exercises regularly and thoroughly, you will increase your resilience, ie your ability to prevent stress and cope with difficult or stressful situations. You will find that you become tougher and stronger psychologically. All of these exercises and techniques have been used by me with real clients and many were honed to perfection through my work with soldiers and their relatives, ambulance-people, business executives and ordinary people on the street.

You will also find links to my articles, video-shorts and the odd sound file from my brief mental fitness talks on the BFBS radio.  

I am going to explain everything you need to know about your mind and how to keep it in peak condition. I will keep it simple and I will give you some very easy methods that can help maintain your mental fitness, so it becomes just like cleaning your teeth or going to the gym.

Wishing you a peaceful day!

John Chacksfield, MSc, DipCOT, PGCE
Mental Fitness & Stress Management Expert and Consultant.