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MFR Training

In partnership with two leading training and consultancy organisations, GroundTruth Consultancy and RDPI; we are now able to deliver Mental Fitness and resilience training to individuals and organisations.  Contact to find out more.


The TQM solution is tailored to your business and your people.
It aims to instill a total mindfulness culture within your organisation through innovative training and support methodologies.

This aims to: 
  • Improve productivity
  • Lower sickness absence rates
  • Enhance creativity
  • Supercharge innovation and results.

We can deliver the entire package in-vitro at your office base.

Investment will depend on the level of TQM you wish your employees to attain.

Email me at for more information and a taster session.

Total Quality Mindfulness

John Chacksfield
Stress Management & Mental Fitness Consultant

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