Dual Control Brain

Did you know your brain has dual control?

Yes its true! we have 2 halves to our brain and each one does a different thing. (it's called 'hemisphericity' for those who want to know).

Dual Brain Image
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To put it simply.... usually the LEFT half is for language, logic, maths, order, structure, writing, planning, etc
and the RIGHT half is usually for emotion, music, art, creativity, perception of shapes, and everything that seem illogical to the left side.

Why is this important?

Well. In our society we all seem to focus on the Left side. This seems to be given much more importance than the Right brain half, these days.


We need both. Both have to be in balance. 
Nobody teaches us that in school however! We learn it later if we are lucky, or if not we lose control and have many problems in our minds.

The problem is that if you neglect one half, the other can cause trouble. 
Ignore the creative side of your brain and it will create without you and create bad moods, depression, and other things.

If you feed the creative side (the RIGHT in most people), then it will be very positive and, as they say in the Army, happy days!

How do you feed it?  Click on the tab "mental fitness centre" for some ideas.  The answer lies in creativity. This part of the mind thinks in pictures, music and emotion. It just does not get words. No comprendes!
The ONLY way to make this side of the brain peaceful is to create pictures, listen to music / play music and express feelings by doing something.

If you ignore this side of the brain for long enough things like depression, anger, moodiness and even hatred, begin to develop. 

An old Native American story is about a grandfather telling his son about his thoughts. He says "In my mind are two wolves. One makes helpful thoughts and ideas, the other wants to destroy things."
The child asks "which one will win?"
The old man replies "the one that I feed".