Mental Fitness Centre

Get to know your mind...

Your mind needs to be kept fit in 6 areas:
  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Interaction
  • Biomind
  • Adaptability
  • Perception
We will put here a range of exercises for each area. Try to do these exercises at least once a day.

New Exercise: Sensory Stim Work - Tough to master? scroll down to see.

Flex Your Thoughts: 
We often think in circles. Try to look at your own thoughts and ask yourself why you think that way. See which thought leads to the next and why. See how thoughts connect with emotions. See where you can bend or change them. Life is not black and white. You have the power to change how you think. You do not have to do things the way you were told when you were young. You can cut your own path!

Expand Those Emotions
Emotions build up inside like steam in a kettle. If we dont let them out in a safe way we can suffer huge difficulties. Learn to release them safely. The fastest way is to do something creative with that emotional energy. Make something, invent a game for your kids, draw something, invent a new concept or machine. Write a story. Invent a joke. Whatever it is - do something illogical. Do it daily. Its fun! 
HEALTH WARNING: If you do not let out your emotions safely like this - you might end up hurting yourself or someone else!

Act to Interact
Humans are naturally social beings. I think it is because we evolved from monkeys. (my theory - no offence to monkeys!).  Daily find a constructive way to interact with those around you. Smile at someone. Make somebody laugh. Tickle your kids. Hug your partner. Play a game with a few other people - football, rugby, tennis. Chat to the stranger across the table. Whatever it is that switches on your human side! It'll do you a world of good. Even if its facebook. Keep it real. Keep it positive. Keep it nice.
NB: If we do not act to interact - our contact with others can be harmful, violent, or non-existent. None of these do us good. 

Boost the Bio
Your mind is partly biological, as you know. Well the brain is.
The brain is like a highly complicated music system. You have to look after it.
If you feed it the wrong thing it is like pouring pernod into a playstation. Its going to be damaged.
Eat healthily. The brain needs vitamins. Drink enough water. Avoid alcohol. Yes sorry to break the news to you but alcohol will destroy your stereo system as well as damage your brain.
Quit smoking. Write down all the things that might add harmful chemicals into your brain - then don't do it. Then list all the things that might make your brain work better. Try to do those things instead. Its simple really. Try. What have you got to lose? really..?

Adaptation Training Stretches
They say that the older you get, the less flexible you get.
You know why? Its because the mind stops being flexible. The body follows the mind.
Daily learn to adapt to situations. After anything you do - ask yourself how you could do it differently and better. Every time you talk to someone. Each time you go on a trip. Each time you carry out a work activity. Try new things out. Try new ways of working. Do this every day. 
This is how to prepare in a small way for life's big, unexpected shocks.
Keep flexible in a small way. 

Perception Push-ups
Your perception happens via your senses, yet how many of us notice what we are sensing each day? Push up your senses by listening better. If you are out for a walk try to look for things you never saw before. Listen to birds and nature. Touch the grass and feel the wind. When you eat something, really enjoy the taste. These things do not have to be routine.
If you do this regularly, in time you will be able to notice the smallest movements. It could save a life one day.

Mood Surfing
The best way to handle your emotions is to "surf" them. If an emotion arises, let it happen. Let it rise up. It will grow and then wash over you, like the surf on the beach. Then you can continue. Much better than denying it and bottling up all that energy - that strategy only creates stress and negative feelings. Mood surfing is the answer!The more you practise mood surfing, your 'mental muscles' will grow. start with small feelings and soon you will be able to handle much bigger issues.

Sensory Stim Work
Experts in sensory processing say that we feel relaxed when our body knows where it is in space. If we push against something, it sends signals through nerve endings located within our joints to tell the brain where we are. The result is the brain relaxes. So any physical movement or weight that stimulates these nerves in between our joints can help. Push against a wall for 5 minutes. Do press-ups. Pull against a railing. Wear a heavy weight or swing round two full bottles of water. Put heavy cushions on you or a heavy blanket. 
NB obviously make sure you can still breathe!
Do this for at least five minutes and you will notice a difference. The longer you do it and if it is repeated at intervals during the day, you will find yourself becoming pretty chilled out.